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    types of brake pads

    Types of Brake Pads

    April 15, 2022,

    Pick between ceramic brake pad, semi-metallic brake pad, and organic brake pad based on your driving lifestyle and budget.Read More

    replacing wheel bearings can i do it myself

    Replacing wheel bearings: can I do it myself?

    April 01, 2022,

    You've mastered doing your own oil change and the brake jobs have been getting better too, but what about changing your wheel bearings? Let's see what the symptoms of bad bearings are, what you need to replace them and how to prevent bearing issues in the future.Read More

    why car brakes fail

    Why car brakes fail

    March 15, 2022,

    Brake failure happens when you press the brake pedal and nothing happens, even if you floor it. A terrifying scenario, especially if you need to come to a halt at a red light or a stop sign. Here is why brake failure happens and what you can do to manage the situation safely.Read More

    what parts do you need to change brakes

    What parts do you need to change brakes?

    March 01, 2022,

    Before taking off your wheels to change your brakes, make sure you buy the right size brake pads and rotors and invest in proper tools.Read More

    brake pins seized how to fix a seized caliper

    Brake pins seized: how to fix a seized caliper

    February 15, 2022,

    Do you smell burning when driving? Is your car pulling to one side but the alignment is fine? Does it feel like the brakes are on all the time? Or will your car not move at all? The cause of these issues could be seized brake caliper pins. Read More