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    fwd  rwd and awd  and how they link to your cars brakes

    FWD, RWD and AWD, and how they link to your cars brakes

    January 01, 2023,

    The link to your brakes between FWD, RWD and AWD is bigger than you think. Find out why.Read More

    benefits of regular car maintenance

    Benefits of regular car maintenance

    December 15, 2022,

    Car maintenance is often viewed as a hassle. It’s one of those things that you just never want to do. That being said, it is essential for the health and safety of your vehicle and therefore the health and safety of you. Let’s take a look at the benefits of car maintenance.Read More

    how do car axles work

    How do car axles work

    December 01, 2022,

    We all know the importance of brakes when it comes to the overall safety of your vehicle. But we don’t always talk about the different parts on your brakes that make them work properly. When it comes to the function of your brakes, axles are a huge driving (pun intended) factor. Keep reading to learn about car axles and how they work.Read More

    when to replace brake pads in millimeters and brakes faq

    When to replace brake pads in millimeters and brakes FAQ

    November 15, 2022,

    Knowing when to replace your brake pads can not only keep you safe but also prolong the life of your rotors and other brake parts.Read More

    rear brake rotors and brake pads replacement and cost

    Rear brake rotors and brake pads: replacement and cost

    November 01, 2022,

    Your car has front brake rotors and brake pads, and also a rear set. Let's see how much rear rotors and pads replacement usually costs and why these two sets of brakes can be so different.Read More