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    how to inspect and service a seized brake caliper

    How to inspect and service a seized brake caliper?

    January 01, 2021,

    Sticking or seizing caliper causes uneven wear of your pads and rotors and may significantly reduce your stopping power. A fully seized caliper locks up your pads, quickly causing them to fail and gauge the rotor. This article reviews the symptoms, root causes, and repair options for a failing caliper.Read More

    buying new brake rotors vs  resurfacing of old discs

    Buying New Brake Rotors vs. Resurfacing of Old Discs

    December 15, 2020,

    There are a few things to consider when it comes to servicing your aging brake rotors. Faulty discs may reduce your braking power and make your vehicle shake and vibrate while you are stopping. When this happens, you should inspect both front and rear brakes and find the root cause. If the rotors are at fault, you got the following repair options.Read More

    how and when to service your brakes preventive maintenance of rotors  pads  and calipers

    How and when to service your brakes: Preventive maintenance of rotors, pads, and calipers

    December 02, 2020,

    Brake rotors and pads are specifically designed to wear out, and eventually they have to be replaced. The life of the rotors and pads depends on many factors, but a scheduled service including cleaning and lubrication is really important forlongevity of your brakes. Proper maintenance reassures your driving safety and significantly extends the life span of your brakes.Read More

    black friday 2020 brake rotors  drums  and pads on sale

    Black Friday 2020: Brake Rotors, Drums, and Pads on Sale

    November 16, 2020,

    This years our BLACK FRIDAY SALE will be held for 3 days, from November 27th till November 30th. Use promo code 2020BLACK10 for an instant 10% storewide discount on AllRotors brake parts. No exceptions!Read More

    winter tires what to check and when to install

    Winter tires: What to check and When to install

    November 01, 2020,

    Winter is coming, and weve got a quick guide on winter tires to help you prepare for driving in the snow. The snow tires should be installed at the right time. But it is also important to do the safety checks and seasonal maintenance of your brakes at the same time.Read More