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Our OEM Direct Replacement and Premium Coated Rotors

  • 12 months against cracking

  • 6 months against Manufacturing Defects and/or Warping, if installed with matching AllROTORS pads

Our Premium Plus Driller & Slotted Rotors

  • 18 month against cracking

  • 8 months against Manufacturing Defects and /or Warping, if installed with matching AllROTORS pads


  • 30 days against Manufacturing Defects



  • Warranty is active from the date of purchase of AllRotor’s part or product ("Product").

  • Brake rotors and brake pads must be installed in matching sets supplied and approved by AllRotors.

  • Products are warranted against the Manufacturing Defects in material and workmanship that result in a premature structural deterioration and/or failure of the Product.

    • Normal wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance, accidents, abnormal operation, track racing, commercial use, improper installation, and/or improper service does not qualify as Manufacturing Defects.

    • Normal wear and tear includes but is not limited to rusting, wear of performance plating, wear of friction surfaces, pitting, and/or cosmetic damages during usage.

  • Warranty is void if the Product is modified or altered by a third party in any way, including, but not limited to, Product’s form, fit, or function.

  • Warranty does not apply to any non-AllRotors products (such as gloves, lubricants, installation tools, etc.) even if packaged together as a kit.

  • Proof of purchase is required for all Warranty Claims.

  • Proof of proper installation is required for all Warranty Claims. Our Products must be installed by a licensed mechanic with professional liability insurance. Installation must be carried out on a functional brake system strictly according to the vehicle-specific OEM instructions.

  • Only one (1) warranty claim could be granted for each individual order. The remaining warranty period is calculated from the original date of purchase.

    • In case the Product is exchanged, the replacement Product becomes customer’s property and the returned Product becomes AllRotors’ property.

    • Customer is responsible for both return and exchange shipping fees on all Warranty Claims. Local in-person exchange can be arranged at no cost.

    • AllRotors is not responsible for direct, special, incidental, and/or consequential damages resulting from any breach of our Warranty Terms & Conditions, or under any other legal theory, including without limitation any costs of replacing or recovering of tangible and/or intangible personal property.