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    AllRotors is a Toronto-based online auto parts retailer specializing in braking pads & rotors. Our business model is focused on high-performance lean logistics and uncompromising personalized service. We are happy to offer robust premium-quality parts at wholesale prices, having local Canadian inventory for pickup or express delivery across North America. If you lose - we lose, and with that in mind, we are working hard on creating a fantastic buying experience for our new and return customers.

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    We stand behind our products so everything you buy from us is covered by an extended warranty, and unlike the majority of retailers, we resolve all warranty claims ourselves without involving third parties.

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    Use our search tool to find your parts. We always call our customers to confirm the right fit prior to shipping or pickup, so you can order with confidence.

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    We ship via FedEx and UPS, with an estimated 3-day delivery in Canada and 5-day in the US. Local pickup is also available for online orders from our distribution center in Toronto.

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