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    my car has rusty rotors should i be worried

    My car has rusty rotors: should I be worried?

    April 15, 2021,

    If you noticed rust on your cars brake rotors, find out why and how your rotors become rusty in the first place and whether its a cause for concern. Read More

    how do car brakes work

    How do car brakes work?

    April 01, 2021,

    The first step to assessing any issues with your cars brakes is understanding how the car braking system works, from the calipers to the rotors and brake pads.Read More

    why do my brakes squeal how can i stop it

    Why do my brakes squeal? How can I stop it?

    March 15, 2021,

    If your brakes started squealing, there could be numerous causes for it, from warped rotors to worn-out brake pads.Read More

    installing new pads on old rotors how to break-in or burnish your new pads

    Installing new pads on old rotors: How to break-in or burnish your new pads

    February 28, 2021,

    When you install brand new pads on old rotors, the pads will require proper burnishing for longevity and maximum braking performance.Read More

    brake kits with our proactive fit confirmation assistance

    Brake kits with our proactive fit confirmation assistance

    February 15, 2021,

    We are now offering the brake kits including all required parts and hardware to complete your brake job. Our proactive vehicle confirmation assistance is set to ensure the right rotors and pads with fitment guarantee.Read More