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black friday 2020 brake rotors  drums  and pads on sale
This year’s our BLACK FRIDAY SALE will be held for 3 days, from November 27th till November 30th. Use promo code 2020BLACK10 for an instant 10% storewide discount on AllRotors brake parts. No exceptions!Read More
winter tires what to check and when to install
Winter is coming, and we’ve got a quick guide on winter tires to help you prepare for driving in the snow. The snow tires should be installed at the right time. But it is also important to do the safety checks and seasonal maintenance of your brakes at the same time.Read More
good news everyone reduced shipping fees on our rotors and pads
Shipping isn’t free, regardless of what the other guys keep saying. In fact, shipping is very expensive when it comes to transporting heavy metal brake rotors. Trix are for kids, and when you are supposedly getting FREE SHIPPING from an online retailer - the associated costs are simply added into the final product price. Read more to see our new reduced pricesRead More
budget performance package drilled and slotted rotors for front and stock blanks for rear
Brake rotors play a significant role in the braking mechanism of any vehicle. If a car comes equipped with a good pair of rotors at the front and the back, the braking performance increases considerably. A right combination of front and rear brake rotors ensures a safe drive and provides peace of mind. Drilled & slotted brake rotors at the front provide the most effective braking and work great with the stock blank rotors at the rear.Read More
e-brakes everything you need to know
E-Brakes, also known as electronic brakes or electronic parking brakes, is a mechanism in a vehicle used for holding a car in place.Read More