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is your car shaking when you slow down  the likely reason is a warped rotor
Symptoms, causes, and solutions for warped brake rotors.Read More
rotors and pads for heavy duty tracking  hauling  and towing
Heavy duty applications require specialized rotor/pad braking kits that can endure high loads and provide a reliable service.Read More
2020 winter promo from allrotors  save 10 on our brake rotors and pads this february  march
We are excited to announce out first winter sale promotion! Use the coupon code WINTER2020 during February and March and receive 10% OFF your purchased parts.Read More
new browse by vehicle section - easy way to find pads and rotors for your vehicle
We reviewed our customers’ feedback and, in response to that, we revamped the search function and introduced new section that will allow you to find the right parts for your vehicle quickly and easy.Read More
can you replace the brake pads without changing rotors
Well, it depends on the condition of your rotors. If the rotors are in good shape, it is really not necessary to replace the rotors on a brake job. This would obviously save your time and money.Read More