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e-brakes everything you need to know
E-Brakes, also known as electronic brakes or electronic parking brakes, is a mechanism in a vehicle used for holding a car in place.Read More
brake rotors vs  brake drums

Brake rotors vs. Brake drums

September 10, 2020,
Most new vehicles come equipped with brake rotors, commonly known as disc brakes. Typically, both the front and rear are disc brakes, however, rear drum brakes can be found in some smaller cars or older vehicles.Read More
how to find your rotor pad size and confirm the right fit
More often than not, there are multiple rotor & pad sizes available for a given car model. These sizes are not interchangeable, and you must get the right one to fit on your car. Read More
oem vs  aftermarket brake rotors  pads
A new set of disk rotors and pads is likely an unplanned distress purchase, and spending money on it doesn’t bring much joy. However, in due time it must be done, and then the question is: Should you pay premium for genuine OEM parts, or try the aftermarket replacements?Read More
rotor options summarized  steel  coated  and drilled  slotted disc brakes
Our 3 main types of brake rotors, each tailored to individuals needs and budget.Read More