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    top-selling and rarest rotor  pad kits for 2020

    Top-selling and Rarest Rotor & Pad Kits for 2020

    June 23, 2020,

    In case you like rotors and pads as much as we do, we decided to share the most and least popular rotors that we have sold since January. Here's our best-selling brake kits, based on over 20,000 unique quotesRead More

    weve got your auto parts on hand

    We�ve got your auto parts on hand!

    June 01, 2020,

    AllRotors' local stock for 24/7 pickup, express shipping & delivery.Read More

    local orders processing during covid-19

    Local orders processing during COVID-19

    May 16, 2020, Featured

    Due to Covid19 pandemic we had to change our ordering practices. Like many others, we have suspended all in-person orders and cash payments. Instead, we offer an online ordering process with NO-contact 24/7 pickupRead More

    covid-19 update change in lead time for our made-to-order premium rotors

    Covid-19 Update: Change in lead time for our made-to-order premium rotors

    April 30, 2020,

    Current lead time for custom made-to-order D&S rotors has recently extended to 10 business days. For all custom or special orders, please contact our sales associate to confirm availability and lead time.Read More

    coated vs  uncoated brake rotors is rust preventive coating worth it

    Coated vs. Uncoated brake rotors: Is rust preventive coating worth it?

    April 15, 2020,

    The uncoated cast rotor has a bare unprotected exterior which is prone to corrosion. In turn, the premium coated rotor has a special barrier layer along its entire exterior surface to protect the rotor from corrosion and to keep it clean. But is this coating really effective and worth the extra cost? Or is it just another marketing scam?...Read More