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    coated vs  uncoated brake rotors is rust preventive coating worth it

    Coated vs. Uncoated brake rotors: Is rust preventive coating worth it?

    April 15, 2020,

    The uncoated cast rotor has a bare unprotected exterior which is prone to corrosion. In turn, the premium coated rotor has a special barrier layer along its entire exterior surface to protect the rotor from corrosion and to keep it clean. But is this coating really effective and worth the extra cost? Or is it just another marketing scam?...Read More

    order  pickup during covid-19 outbreak

    Order & Pickup during Covid-19 outbreak

    April 08, 2020,

    Due to Covid-19 we are closed for walk-ins. Please order online, then pickup from our autonomous locker boxes in Concord.Read More

    what is the life expectancy of brake rotors and pads

    What is the life expectancy of brake rotors and pads?

    March 31, 2020,

    How long should rotors and pads last? We get this question a lot, and unfortunately there is no straight answer. Many factors impact the wear and deterioration of your rotors and pads, and the mileage is just one of them. It is not uncommon for a quality rotor to last 100,000km and for a braking pad over 50,000km. However, the very same parts can fail much sooner under the following conditions...Read More

    covid-19 update to all our customers  employees  and friends

    COVID-19 update to all our customers, employees, and friends

    March 25, 2020,

    Effective March 25th, we are suspending all in-person pickups and cash transactions in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus. All orders will be processed through our online check-out system and distributed through our autonomous pickup lockers.Read More

    covid-19 how we are helping our clients and mobile contractors

    COVID-19: How we are helping our clients and mobile contractors

    March 16, 2020,

    As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we are implementing additional precautions to keep our clients, employees, and contracting installers safe. As of today, majority of our office staff including sales are now operating remotely from their homes. We have reduced public access to out warehouses. The online orders will be shipped or made available for pickup from our autonomous pickup lockers. We will do our best to service in-person pickup orders, however all in-person pickups will be scheduled in advance.Read More