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    How do car axles work

    December 01, 2022

    We all know the importance of brakes when it comes to the overall safety of your vehicle. But we don’t always talk about the different parts on your brakes that make them work properly. When it comes to the function of your brakes, axles are a huge driving (pun intended) factor. Keep reading to learn about car axles and how they work.How do car axles work

    What is a car axle?

    A car axle is a central shaft that connects your wheels together so they are in sync. Axles act as a bridge between your tires and help your car move by taking force from the transmission. Without car axles, your car can’t move. That’s how essential they are.

    There are different types of car axles, each serving its own purpose. For starters, let’s look at the different functions car axles can endure. Live axles are car axles whose function is to keep your car’s wheels moving. Dead axles are car axles that do not add to the movement of your car, but they support your car’s weight.

    When it comes to types of car axles, there are three main ones to familiarize yourself with: 1) rear axles, 2) front axles and 3) stub axles. Rear axles are located at the rear of the car and are considered to be ‘live axles’ because their duty is to help keep the wheels moving. Front axles can be either ‘live’ or ‘dead’ based on your car driving capabilities, and they are located at the front of your vehicle. Stub axles are found in cars that are either RWD or FWD. These axles are found on one wheel and connect to the other end of the vehicle frame.

    What is the axles’ role within your vehicle?

    Car axles help your vehicle with steering, driving, and braking. They lock the wheels to a specific position, which lets wheels turn and revolve. This allows drivers to steer the vehicle to the direction that they want. An axle’s role in braking is huge because they are attached to brake discs, therefore maintaining good axle care is crucial to having healthy brakes.

    What are the benefits of car axles?

    The main benefits that car axles carry include steering ease, lessened shocks, and weight support. 

    Why should you inspect car axles? What to look for during inspection?

    Regular axle inspection is an important part of car maintenance because spotting trouble early on can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future. Seeing as car axles must carry a lot of weight, overtime wear and tear can weaken them.

    Here are a few things to look for when inspecting your car axles:

    • When putting your car into gear, check for any sounds. If you hear clunking noises, it is very likely there is a problem with your axle.
    • When driving, braking or steering, keep watch for any vibrations felt by your vehicle.
    • If your car won’t move, this is a definitive sign that your axles need further care.

    Car axles are what makes your wheels go-round, literally. But they don’t do it alone. It’s important to have axles that function properly and are in good condition, but in order to do so you must also have functioning brake pads and rotors.

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