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    What are car brake rotors

    July 15, 2022

    Did your mechanic tell you that you need new brake rotors and you had no idea what they meant? Or maybe, you are simply curious about your car’s rotors. Let’s see what’s out there for us to know about brake rotors and brake pads that you needed to know yesterday. 

    What are brake rotors?

    Your car’s rotors are a vital part of your car’s hydraulic braking system. They look like shiny metal discs and you can see them through the rim spikes of your wheel. You will see a clamp on this disc — these are your callipers which house the brake pads that squeeze against the rotor with their hard ceramic or metallic surface and create the friction and heat that slows down your vehicle. 

    Types of brake rotors

    The standard shiny metal disc rotor that we are referring to above is sometimes called the blank and smooth rotor — you will see it installed on regular cars like sedans and it provides a consistent braking performance for casual driving, while also being affordable and simple. 

    There are also drilled and slotted rotors that you can find on sportscars — this rotor has both slots and holes in the metal surface that helps with heat dissipation and debris removal from the brake. Allowing extra heat to escape during hard braking not only provides superior performance but also prolongs the lifespan of your rotors. Keeping the debris and water out through the additional holes also helps with braking performance. You will see heavy-duty towing trucks and SUVs sport the slotted rotors alone, while drivers that experience a lot of rain will opt for drilled rotors only.

    How do brake rotors work?

    Your brake rotors work together with other crucial parts of the braking system — your brake pads and callipers. When you take your foot off the gas and press on the brake pedal, the callipers housing the brake pads will clamp down on the rotor, creating friction. The rotor in turn will slow down the moving wheels of your vehicle, reducing the speed. Did you know your car’s braking generates heat of 500 degrees Fahrenehit?! This is why your rotors are made from metal.

    How much are brake rotors and pads?

    The price for brake rotors and brake pads depends on your driving style and the type of brake rotors and pads you need, as it varies for casual city and commuting driving versus performance driving. It also depends on your car’s make and model which you can see with our search function. Our rotors start at $40 per rotor for smooth OEM replacement and range from $80 to $120 for drilled and slotted rotors.

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