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    Tools for changing brakes coming soon

    June 01, 2022

    If you’ve mastered the skill of changing your own brakes at home, whether it’s replacing brake pads or installing a new set of rotors, you know that you need special tools for the job. 

    Good news, we are adding tools for changing brakes to our website very soon! 

    What tools do you need to change brakes?

    tools for changing brakesA brake job is not as simple as it sounds—first off, what are you replacing? Are you taking off a set of worn-out brake pads, or are you installing slotted and drilled rotors to improve the performance of your vehicle? This will determine what tools you need. 

    The good news is you might already have a few starter tools in your toolbox, and those that are missing will be a worthwhile investment—made from durable carbon steel and often rust-proof, your new tools will last you the entire lifetime of your car and any future cars to come! 

    Many tools also come with adapters so you can work on your American, European, or Japanese car with no issues, and store your equipment in handy cases. Nothing worse than losing your favourite wrench in the middle of the garage, right?

    What you need to change brakes at home

    To change brakes at home, make sure you have a proper jack stand, replacement parts like new brake pads and rotors in the right size for your vehicle (make sure to use our handy search function), and protection like an eye mask and mechanic gloves. Also, prepare any lubricants and oils you need in advance.

    Tools to change brake pads and rotors

    To retract pistons and replace brake pads, you need a disc brake piston caliper compressor tool, often called simply a brake caliper tool. This is a tool you likely won’t have at home already. If you are changing brake calipers, you might also need a brake bleeder wrench.

    Other handy tools to have around are torque wrenches, lug wrenches, and an allen wrench set so you don’t need a last minute run to the shop when you have disassembled your car’s brakes! tools

    We are going to have an extensive collection of all these tools on our website, with the full catalogue to be released at a later date. Our selection will have the necessary tools such as a drive click torque wrench, car brake caliper press tool, caliper compressor tool set and tool kit for brake pad replacement, only to name a few.

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