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    Car Brakes Vibrating

    November 01, 2021

    Is your car vibrating when you apply the brakes? This definitely should not happen. 

    Car brakes vibrating can be really dangerous and it won't go away on its own, so it's key to understand what the issue is so you can get back on the road safely. Multiple things can cause brake shudder! 

    Today we discuss how to fix braking vibrations and how to prevent it from happening again.

    Brake shudder

    Brake shudder is the vibration you experience when you are driving, usually felt through the steering wheel when hitting the brakes. To isolate the issue, notice where the vibration is coming from. The most common place is the steering wheel, which points to a problem with front rotors. This makes sense as front brakes wear more quickly than rear brakes. If you are feeling brake shudder through the braking pedal, the issue is more likely to be with the rear brakes.

    Why are my brakes vibrating?

    The most common culprits behind car brakes vibrating are the front brakes. 

    • Brake pad issues: if your brake pads are dirty with oil, grime, and dust, they won't grip the rotor properly and your car can vibrate. The same is true if your brake pads are worn out or damaged by excessive heat. 
    • Brake rotor issues: your brakes can also vibrate if your rotors are warped from heat generated by braking or worn unevenly, causing issues with brake pad grip.
    • Alignment issues: it might not be your brakes after all that are causing the car vibration! Bad alignment can be the cause, and it can damage your suspension too. If you are noticing your car veer off the road when driving in a straight line, make sure to get it realigned. 

    How to fix brake vibrating

    If you hear a high-pitched whining sound, the problem causing car brakes vibrating is typically front brake pads. The solution is to replace them with a new set. 

    If you are having issues braking at highway speeds, the problem is likely your brake rotors and the solution is to replace them. Another option is to resurface your rotors, getting rid of all the glazing and grime and extending their life. 

    You can install more durable brake rotors to withstand high heat. Always replace rotors in pairs, front set together and rear set together. When replacing the rotors, replace the brake pads too so both new surfaces can grip well together.

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