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    Car Brakes Maintenance: Is It Necessary?

    September 15, 2021

    Your dealer will be quick to suggest routine brakes maintenance on your car, but is it really necessary? What does it involve? Learn below so you can decide for yourself. 

    What is car brakes maintenance? 

    Car brakes maintenance is also called a brake cleaning service. 

    Routine brakes maintenance doesn't involve replacing vital safety parts like brake pads or brake rotors. This often-recommended service usually includes checking for rust and corrosion. 

    Most new vehicles have an open-style, spoked alloy wheel design which lets in rust-causing moisture like there is no tomorrow. This inspection determines whether you need your brakes thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. 

    How does brakes maintenance work?

    Brake maintenance can look like anything from a special cleaner spray with brake pad corrosion check, to a full disassembly of the brake with proper lubrication and cleaning of each moving part. Disassembly of rear brakes can be risky if you have an older vehicle because removing the rear rotor can damage old rusted parts. To make sure the job was done well, inspect your wheels if you have open rims and make sure there is no rust, corrosion or dirt. 

    Is brake maintenance necessary? 

    A brake maintenance service is part of regularly scheduled maintenance. If done in the suggested intervals, you will avoid costly repairs in the future. It's like going to the dentist for a cleaning versus not going for five years and then having to get fillings. Getting your brakes cleaned regularly will prevent rust and corrosion damage and can delay replacing your brake pads and rotors. You could probably go less often than your dealer recommends.

    How often should I do brake maintenance?

    A thorough cleaning and lubrication service is recommended to be done annually if you drive regularly. Any more than that is not necessary. You can even stretch it to two years if you don't drive very often. Definitely get the brakes cleaned more often if you drive every day or through dirty conditions. 

    Signs your brakes need maintenance 

    If you've had your car for more than a year and haven't gotten your brakes serviced or replaced, definitely check your manual for a maintenance schedule and get them cleaned. If your brakes are "sticking" or your braking pedal feels "weird", get them checked out too. 

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