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    Brake kits with our proactive fit confirmation assistance

    February 15, 2021

    It is very common for a given car model to have multiple options of brake assemblies, having different non-interchangeable subcomponents. The size and fit of your rotors, pads, and calipers may depend on a particular trim package, vehicle’s country of origin (manufacture), transmission/engine specs, and other factors which can make your search for the right replacement parts quite challenging.

    Previously we published a quick guide on how to find your rotor/pad size and confirm the right fit. In order to further simplify the selection process, we are now offering the brake kits including all required parts and hardware to complete your brake job. All you need is to select the year, make, and model of your vehicle and then order our brake kit, even if you’re not sure which rotor size is required for your sub-model. We check every order for fitment of our parts before shipping or arranging customer pickup, and our technical associate will call you if additional vehicle information is needed to select the right rotors and pads. Our vehicle confirmation assistance comes standard with every order to ensure that you’re getting the right parts right away - our proactive fitment guarantee.

    We now offer complete brake kits for:

    • 2 FRONT wheels (front axle kit)
    • 2 REAR wheels (rear axle kit)
    • 4 wheels all around (front axle & rear axle kit)

    All kits include premium ceramic pads with caliper brackets (hardware), and you can choose to get the standard blank rotors, coated blank rotors, or high-performance coated drilled and slotted discs.

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