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Online brake rotor catalog: Part search by disc size, features, and specification

January 15, 2021

Recently, a customer of ours has reached out to us with a rather unusual request. He was looking for a set of rotors for his vintage classic Austin Morris BMC. The original discs from the 1960's have not been produced for decades, and the aftermarket replacements were not available due to the rarity of the vehicle. None of our suppliers had the parts, and our partner rotor manufacturers would require a minimum order of 500 units to justify a new batch production.

Online brake rotor catalog: Part search by disc size, features, and specificationSo, if the exact replacement rotor could not be found, we had an idea of searching for an available similar rotor that can perhaps be modified to fit within the original brake assembly. The challenge was to search through our extensive database in hope of finding a compatible donor rotor. If done manually, this search would be extraordinarily time consuming, so we automated this task by creating an advanced custom search tool to go through our parts catalogs.

Our new search tool now allows a reverse search using the original rotor’s specs and dimensions, providing our customers with matching OEM and aftermarket part numbers and vehicle specs. 

You can confirm the OEM application (vehicle’s year, make, and model) using one or several of the following rotor specs and dimensions:

  • Wheel bolt/lug/hole pattern
  • Lug bolt thread specification (in development)
  • Outside diameter of rotor disk
  • Height of rotor disk
  • Center bore/hole diameter (in development)
  • Nominal thickness of rotor disc
  • Discard thickness of rotor disk
  • Weight of disc rotor
  • Cross-reference of OEM and aftermarket part numbers (in development)

Click here to search our catalog by using your rotor dimensions, features, or specifications.

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