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Rotor options summarized: Steel, Coated, and Drilled & Slotted disc brakes

July 20, 2020

At AllRotors we carry 3 main types of brake rotors to suit your budget and application requirements:

  • Blank Steel rotor: This is the most cost-effective option to replace your standard OEM parts. Note, that our steel rotors come with a coated hat.
  • Blank Coated rotor: These rotors are covered with Geomet rust-preventive layer that shields and protects all exterior surfaces of the rotor including venting channels. Coated blank rotor is our value option, providing extra-long service life and clean rust-free appearance.
  • Drilled & Slotted Coated rotor: This is our top-performance option. Our D&S rotors are Geomet coated, and have a unique pattern of holes and grooves on its braking surfaces for superior braking power in harsh conditions and demanding applications.

Having said that, all types of brake rotors from are designed to match the original OEM parts in its form, fit, and function, and then to rival and surpass the original OEM performance. We offer pro-grade ceramic or semi-metallic pads with hardware and can supply you with a complete replacement brake kit for your vehicle.

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