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Coated vs. Uncoated brake rotors: Is rust preventive coating worth it?

April 15, 2020

Is rust preventive coating worth it? Or is it just another marketing scam? 

Let us start answering these questions by providing some definitions and explaining the differences between the coated and uncoated rotors. The uncoated cast rotor, as its name suggests, has a bare unprotected exterior which is prone to corrosion. This rotor is often referred to as a “standard OEM replacement” and is your most common cost-effective option. In turn, the premium coated rotor has a special barrier layer along its entire exterior surface, covering all venting vanes and internal passages. Although the barrier wears off on the stopping surfaces, all remaining parts of the rotor stay protected from surface corrosion. With veins and airflow channels clean and rust-free, the convective cooling performance is maintained and the service life of the rotor is extended. However, it’s worth noting that even the best coating will eventually deteriorate, and if you are in the Canadian salt belt - don’t expect eternal perfection of your rotors.  

How long does the coating last? And is the extended life worth the extra cost of a coated rotor?

There is no easy answer, as there are so many different types/brands of ceramic and polymer coated rotors out there, and they all claim top durability and performance. At AllRotors, our premium rotors come with GEOMET®360 coating - one of the most advanced, durable, and eco-friendly coating on the market today. Our Geomet® rotors are tested for superior rust resistance with its finish designed to withstand 480 hours of salt water exposure without corrosion (significantly exceeding the industry benchmark of 300 hours). Our coating is toxic-free, and does not contain chromium, nickel, cadmium, lead, barium or mercury. Not surprising, Geomet® is also the current standard finish for most OEM automotive manufacturers. Many top aftermarket producers, like Raybestos and Brembo, use it for their top-tier performance products. 

The last question remains: Are AllRotors coated rotors worth the extra cost? 

We certainly think so! To give you a practical example, our kit of 4 uncoated rotors for 2019 Honda Civic is priced at $139, while a similar set of 4 premium Geomet® coated rotors is $179. At a difference of $10/piece, our Geomet coated rotors offer a fantastic value. Feel free to browse or reach out to our sales associate at (289) 475-0370 to get an instant quote for your make and model.

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